This blog was launched on October 16, 2015, to discuss and reflect upon the Arabic e-lit and its peculiar features.

The field of digital studies, especially digital studies of literature, needs to begin drawing on more diverse and global viewpoints. Much of the criticism and theory is drawn from a small range of Anglo-American texts and critics. Clearly, the global extent of digital technologies and texts requires a more expansive view.

This blog is a preliminary step in the way of establishing a world organisation for Arabic e-lit to put it on the map of world e-lit.

Objectives of AEL:

1-  Launching a website in English entitled “arabicelit” in Sept. 2015, to globalize Arabic e-lit and discuss the related issues.

2-  Uploading the data of Arabic e-lit writers and their works
upon the world databases of ELMCIP. We finished the first stage on October 17, 2015, by uploading the personal data of Arabic e-lit writers. The second stage will include uploading data about the creative works.

3-  Considering holding a conference on Arabic e-lit in 2018. Many Arab and international writers who are interested in Arabic e-lit will be invited.
4-  Creating academic programs and workshops, publishing research papers about Arabic e-lit works and making comparisons with the world works to define the place of Arabic e-lit on the world map of e-lit.

5- Creating networks between programmers and artists for a productive collaboration.


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