“Digital Literature”: A Symposium in Qassim University

Dr. Mahmoud Abd Al-Naser Nasr, professor of English at Dep’t. of English and Translation, Qassim University, delivered a presentation entitled “Digital Literature” on Oct. 7, 2016. He discussed  the life cycle of the literary text from oral and written stages to digital stage. Additionally, he developed an argument about interactive literature and its characteristics.

The Morrocan Critic and Novelist Zohour Gourram Wins The Katara Prize for Arabic Novel

Zohour Gourram, a renowned Arabic novelist and digital critic, wins the most prestigious prize for Arabic novel Katara in the branch of criticism. It is noteworthy that Gourram has many contributions in the field of literary criticism whether paper-based or digital. Additionally, she is one of the first Arabic critics who are interested in electronic literature.