Arabic E-Lit Conference’s Planning Committee Meets at RIT-Dubai

The organising committee of the Arabic e-lit conference met last week, March 12-14, in RIT-Dubai to help plan and organise a conference on Arabic e-lit.

Holding such a conference is one of the objectives of Arabic Electronic Literature (AEL) Network initiated by Sandy Baldwin, Vice President of ELO and Professor of literature at RIT, New York, and Reham Hosny, a research scholar at RIT, New York, and assistant lecturer at Minia University, Egypt.

Experts and scholars from the Arab World, RIT-Dubai, and RIT-New York met to put their visions for the Arabic e-lit pedagogy, the future of Arabic e-lit, and the conference.

Yousef Al-Assaf (President of RIT-Dubai), Khalid Khawaja (Vice president of RIT-Dubai), Sandy Baldwin (Vice president of ELO), Patrick Lichty (Zayed University, Dubai), Reham Hosny (AEL coordinator), Ahmed Fadl Shablul (Egypt), Mohamed Hussein Habib (Iraq), Eman Yunis (Palestinian of 48), John Dayton (RIT-Dubai), Sayed Negm (Egypt), Jonathan Penny (RIT-Dubai), Nasih Osmanovic (RIT-Dubai), Ian Peterkin (RIT-Dubai) Yahya Haidar (RIT-Dubai) were among the prominent figures who met in RIT-Dubai.

His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the RIT Dubai Board of Directors and Professor Yousef Al-Assaf, President of RIT-Dubai, welcomed the organising committee at the Address Dubai Mall.

You can read more details on RIT-Dubai website:








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