“Click on the ribs of revelation”: Cross-Cultural Digital Literary Study by Reham Hosny

A pragmatic and holistic cross-cultural approach for digital poetics was developed by Reham Hosny in her recently published study “Click on the ribs of revelation”: Cross-cultural digital literary innovation in Deena Larsen’s “Carving in Possibilities” and Mushtaq Ma’an’s “Tabarih Raqamiyya Li-sira Ba’duha Azraq.” In her article, published in Rhizomes 31, Reham introduces cross-cultural and cross-linguistic approach in addressing two culturally-different  (Arabic and English) digital texts.

The study starts from the premise that instead of considering one element of the components of the creativity process, many axes should be discussed such as reader, text, cultural context and medium.

The study can be accessed via this link http://rhizomes.net/issue31/hosny/index.html


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