“Arabic Digital Narrative” By Dr. Mohamed Hendy


It is well-known that every age has its own achievements and culture that change with time; in a sense that, what distinguishes Pre-Islamic era, for example, differs from what distinguishes ours. This is accompanied by another difference on creativity level. That is, creativity, in all its aspects, cannot be detached from community and its development because it is the tool that depicts the relationship between a man and his surrounding community. With the technological advancement and the change of concepts in the modern times, creativity has to keep up with this development in the form of (using) appropriate expressive forms. Hence, the emergence of interactive or virtual creativity is a must that keeps up with the renewed rhythm of the age. Therefore, we are motivated to study the relationship between Arabic narrative creation and the Internet in a study entitled “virtual realism in the Arabic novel during the period from 2001 to 2013”. The Internet has a clear impact in the Arabic narrative creativity. This takes two forms:

  1. Virtual paper novel that tries to depict this relationship, such as: horya dot com (freedom.com) by Ashraf Nasr, fi kol esbo? yawm joma? (Every week comprises a Friday) by Ibrahim Abdelmajeed, “firjwalia” by Sa’d Sa’eed and banaat elryad “Girls of Riyadh” by Raja’ Elsanee.
  2. Interactive digital novel, as it were, pioneered by Muhamed Sanajla, a Jordanian novelist, on the Arabic level.

This means that this form of creativity will be subtly changed, especially when coming closer and dealing with technology in
a greater way.


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