The Future of Arabic E – Lit. (By Ahmed Fadl Shablul)

In the light of the development of the electronic publishing world, the means of social communication, and the appearance of giant digital networks such as the Internet, there is a huge development in the form and content of Arabic literature and in the way of declaring it. New digital novels and poems have appeared, taken from the world of multimedia a new medium along with traditional word. Additionally, very short stories called “flash” have emerged depending on condensation and reduction.

In the light of this, I think that the Arabic literature will witness a huge jump in e- publishing. Moreover, picture and sound can occupy an important place in the imagination of writers and authors beside the word. Furthermore, word or letter is not going to play a key role in that field. With the gradual anticipated disappearance of the world of paper, the new writers will try new innovative electronic means that are appropriate to their creativity.


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