The Future of Arabic E – Lit (By Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Melhem)

Reading the reality of Western Electronic Literature Predicts that  paper – based Literary Heritage will turn to PDF form and the Contemporary Literature will turn into Interactive literature where using multimedia. The reading of these materials will be increasingly transformed to be pre-paid, either through the Internet or CD sales.
Additionally, a critical movement will come out to keep up with these changes. However, in the East (Arabs) turning paper – based Literary material to PDF form is faster than in the West. This will lead soon to adapt reading using technological means. On the other hand, the interactive literary production is still less than the required level, while the story is developed across social networking sites. In all cases, our Arabic critical mobility is still busy with endoscopy and agreeing on the meanings of key terms. This will lead to the emergence of new classicism demanding for reproducing heritage interactively, which means to live in the past through contemporary technological media.


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